Purpose and Values

The Mount Kelly Purpose

Mount Kelly delivers a values-led, life-defining educational experience.

Mount Kelly Values


Empathy  Tolerance  Kindness

We treat others with compassion; demonstrating empathy, tolerance and kindness in all that we do


Determination  Resilience  Grit

We act with courage; demonstrating determination, resilience and grit in the face of both opportunity and challenge and always striving to learn through life’s journey


Modesty  Gratitude  Selflessness

We behave with humility; we are modest in our success, grateful for our blessings and selfless in the way that we share them


Courtesy  Service  Consideration

We value and respect every person equally; always seeking to serve those around us and treating all with courtesy and consideration


Dedication  Loyalty  Endurance

We demonstrate commitment to our School and to those around us, making the most of opportunities available; we are dedicated, loyal and always endure through to the end


Honesty  Decency  Morality

We value integrity above all; we are honest with ourselves and others, conducting our lives with decency whilst striving for the highest moral standards

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