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Marwood House is a base and a home for girls in Years 9 – 13 where  boarders live comfortably in a happy and relaxed environment. Girls feel safe, secure and supported so that they can grow and develop into confident, independent-thinking individuals.

Our philosophy is a holistic one, based firmly on the values of unconditional respect for each other and respect for themselves. It is our aim for Marwood girls to leave Mount Kelly empowered to lead and initiate change for a better world.

Mount Kelly pupils are extremely busy, both academically and with co-curricular activities, soaking up experiences in and out of the classroom. The high expectations of your daughters in their day-to-day life at School relies upon a strong support network both at home and at School.

We are lucky to be supported by a fantastic House team including Matron, our Assistant Housemistress, a great team of tutors and the Housekeeping team. We aim to provide Marwood girls with the utmost care and support, and instil in them the determination and the self-confidence to embrace positive opportunities that present themselves.

Alexandra Earley

Miss Alex Clemens

Marwood Housemistress, Head of Mathematics
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