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Non-discretionary Awards

Mount Kelly offers a number of generous non-discretionary awards details of which can be found below

HM Forces

  • For pupils who have a parent serving in HM Forces, a 10% award is given from Year 3 to Year 13. The award is increased to 20% for pupils in Year 9 to Year 13 who are full boarders.

Sibling Discount*

For families with more than one child in the Foundation the following sibling discounts will apply:

  • 2 children: Youngest 10%, Eldest 0%
  • 3 children: Youngest 20%, Second 10%, Eldest 0%
  • 4 children: Youngest 25%, Third 20%, Second 10%, Eldest 0%

* Agreed discounts for current pupils will remain unchanged

Alumni (Old Mount Kelleian Discount)

  • Sons and daughters of past pupils are awarded a discount of 10% off the fees from Year 1 to Year 13


Non-discretionary awards are limited to a maximum of 25% off the stated fees per child