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Mount Kelly has always been proud to offer bursary and hardship support to families that need financial assistance for their child. We understand that many parents make personal sacrifices to secure their children’s education.

Families are encouraged to apply for a bursary if they require financial assistance to enable their child to benefit from an education at Mount Kelly.

Bursaries are usually awarded for pupils from Year 7 and above, however, we are willing to consider applications from lower years. All bursaries are means tested awards based on family circumstances. They are awarded on an annual basis and subject to review. Both prospective and current families may apply.

All current families that find themselves in financial difficulty are also encouraged to apply for hardship support.

Parents who wish their children to be considered for either a bursary or hardship support should email Applications are completed online and must be supported by a verified Statement of Financial Circumstances.

As a general guide, gross parental income will need to be below £80,000 per annum to be considered for a bursary for a day place and below £100,000 for a boarding place. However each case is considered on an individual basis and for an informal discussion current parents should please contact the Bursary on 01822 813129 if you are applying for a place at the School please speak to the Head of Admissions.

We are currently considering applications for the academic year 2024/25. The assessment process takes about four weeks and s includes a discussion with an agent employed by Mount Kelly. Each application is considered on an individual basis and please do contact the Admissions Team on or call on 01811 813193 to find out more.