“Boarders benefit from high quality pastoral care which enables them to develop strong mutually supportive relationships which enhance their self-awareness and self-confidence.” ISI 2021

Statement of boarding principles and practice 

Boarding at Mount Kelly is central to the delivery of ‘a values-led, life-defining educational experience.’ 

Boarding can be challenging, hectic but great fun, and provides unique opportunities to develop independence, inter-independence, moral leadership and rich friendships that will last a lifetime. The breadth and depth of the boarding experience and the skills and behaviours developed are outstanding complements to the intellectual curiosity that is nurtured throughout the school day. 

Most significantly, boarding allows the Mount Kelly Values to be firmly embedded in the behaviours and attitudes of boarders and staff: 


Boarders and staff are expected to contribute to the creation of a safe, warm and supportive environmentone that promotes holistic wellbeing, in which kindness prevails and bullying has no place 


Being away from home can be difficult but the challenge can be overcome with determination, resilience, burgeoning confidence and the inspirational support of others in the community 


Sharing a boarding House demands modesty, selflessness and a willingness to celebrate the achievements of all equally 


Our boarding community is diverse and boarders and staff are expected to be tolerant, courteous, open-minded and to embrace a life of service to otherstaking responsibility for themselves and those around them 


Boarders and staff cannot be half-hearted and are expected to demonstrate dedication to their boarding Houses, and in return they shall receive the loyalty of others 


The cohesion and success of any boarding community is built on trust and the absolute honesty of each individual, encouraged through open, collaborative relationships between staff, pupils and pupils 

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