ISI Inspection Reports

ISI Inspection Report 2021


Pupils throughout the School show much tolerance and respect for other pupils with varied abilities and those from different backgrounds. They are highly aware of the needs of others and show great sensitivity in the way they offer support.

I am absolutely delighted that once again the personal development of our pupils has been graded as excellent. The inspectors reported that the positive relationship between, pupils and their peers, with their teachers and with the wider community are ‘clear strengths of the school.’ They also found our pupils to be articulate, able to express themselves well and having a very positive attitude towards their learning.

Head Master and Principal of the Foundation

ISI Inspection Report 2021

ISI Regulatory Compliance Report 2018

As part of the ongoing cycle of inspection, a team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) spent three days at Mount Kelly in late March 2018. The inspection was concerned solely with the School’s compliance with the Independent Schools Statutory Requirements, and with the twenty four National Minimum Standards for Boarding. The School was found to be compliant in all areas.

It was a very thorough process, and we are delighted to have secured a successful outcome. More heartening still, however, was the overwhelmingly positive feedback to the parental and pupil surveys that formed part of the inspection process, and we are pleased that the hard work of all the staff at Mount Kelly has been recognised.

ISI Inspection Report 2015

‘The fulfilment of the School’s belief, expressed in the Parent Pupil Handbook, that ‘values are caught rather than taught’ is borne out in every area of the pupils’ life at Mount Kelly. The School is successful in meeting its aims of actively promoting an environment of mutual respect in which pupils develop into mature, happy individuals with a keen sense of their place in the wider community.’

I am extremely proud of the report and in particular many outstanding observations made about our pupils; the care and respect that they show for one another; the pride that non-swimmers take in the achievements of their swimming friends and the rapport that teachers have with their pupils are all seen as great strengths of the School.

Such a detailed and in depth review, from an objective source provides us with a robust endorsement of the progress we have made so far, and a great foundation on which to continue to build as we work towards the goals set out in Mount Kelly 2019.

Head Master and Principal of the Foundation