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Life at the Prep

We want our children at the  Prep to bounce into school, knowing they have full, exciting and active days ahead of them. Engaged in academic lessons throughout the day and physical exercise, every child will have the opportunity to explore all areas of the curriculum whilst enjoying the close camaraderie of their friends. A healthy balance of time is given to the core subjects whilst equally promoting the importance of sport and other more creative subjects such as Drama, ICT, Art, Music, CDT and Shackleton.

A love of reading is a key element at the Prep. The Library forms a central hub to the school and we pride ourselves in encouraging every child to have a book at the ready at all times of the day. Specific times of the day are given to reading.

With boarding running centrally through the school, the grounds and buildings buzz with activity throughout the week. The school day starts from 8.10am when children can arrive with formal registration starting at 08:25. The Head of the Prep will start the week every Monday with an assembly and finish the week with an assembly celebrating the various successes of the school both individually and in groups/teams from Nursery to Year 8. In between these two events, PSHE, House and Form Assemblies and other forums are held before academic classes begin at 09:10.

The school day officially finishes at 16:35 followed by a busy and broad range of After School Clubs at 16:45. We want everyone to explore their horizons, try new activities and pursue their own interests and hobbies. Simultaneously, we offer the opportunity for children to conduct their prep before going home under the supervision of duty staff. Children are welcome to stay for supper with our boarders and if necessary, stay for boarders’ prep and evening activities.

Every day, free-time is given to all the children offering them the opportunity to grab some fresh air, play with their friends and learn to get along with each other in a more unstructured environment. Accompanied by a small and healthy snack in the morning and afternoon, we place real importance on giving children the chance to make up their own games and enjoy different areas of the school grounds (Sunny Slopes, Adventure Play Ground, The Stable Yard, Sports Hall Playground and the Jungle).  These times allow children the freedom to express themselves whilst safe in the knowledge there is a roaming team of duty staff keeping an eye and an ear out for any support required. 

For those parents committed to busy working lives we offer a breakfast club service where children can be dropped at school from 07:30 and enjoy a cooked or Continental breakfast whilst also being able to stay beyond the school day in the early evening.