Discovery Language Day

Posted: 28th April 2015

Year 10 Spanish and French linguists had a very productive day on Friday 24th April when Señora Brown and Madam Morel took them to Exeter University for a “Discovery Language Day”.

The day was full of surprises, starting with a Campus tour where all the students had the chance to see what is like to be a university student. The Exeter University campus is one of the most beautiful in the country and offers a unique environment with lakes, parkland, woodland and gardens. As well as this, all the teaching buildings, together with the huge Sports centre, the library, theatre, restaurants, cafés and bars are within walking distance of each other. It offers a lively, friendly and welcoming campus environment where there’s always lots going on.

After the tour the pupils took part in three language sessions, each of them on a different theme: ‘directions’, ‘home and the environment’, ‘adventure sports’, ‘the world of international music’ and ‘trends and traditions’.

Lunch followed, after which they attended a talk on studying abroad, in which a university student talked about “the best year of his life” spent doing his second year as a Medical student in Denmark. Furthermore, he explained that languages go very well with a wide range of subjects; for example, a language with Business or Media Studies or Archaeology and Engineering, will help career prospects after graduation. The Mount Kelly group were all very interested to hear of the student’s experiences and hear his advice.

The Discovery Day not only made our Mount Kelly pupils aware of the importance of continuing to learn a language, but it also gave them  their first insight into life as university students of the future.

Gracias and Merci to Señora Brown and Madam Morel

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