Mount Kelly ‘General Election’

Posted: 8th May 2015

As the nation has been voting in the General Election, pupils in the Prep and College have been running their own mock elections and hustings. The College’s successful candidate was Lauren Dawe (representing the Conservatives) and ‘Attlas’ won the majority of votes at the Prep.

Sixth Formers last week attended a hustings in which they heard policies put forward by five of their contemporaries, each representing the main political parties. Voting took place on 7th May, complete with private booths to ensure privacy as in a real life scenario.

Also on 7th May, the Prep hosted a hustings led by Year 8 students who had formed their own ‘political’ parties and had canvassed pupils throughout the week with strategically placed propaganda posters. There was great excitement throughout the day, and in Assembly on Friday, when Attlas was announced as the winning party by a narrow margin of votes.

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