Product Design Exhibition 2015

Posted: 30th June 2015

This year's Product Design Exhibition at the College has some fabulous pieces of work on display by our GCSE and A Level students. A number of different techniques and materialas have been used to construct a large variety of products.

Conventional tables have been made using a mixture of hardwoods (Oak, Ash, Sapele and Cherry) using traditional furniture joints like mortise and tenon for table frames & biscuit joints for table tops. In a number of products routers have been used to cut rebates for glass tops or grooves for bases or shelves and chamfers on table legs.

This year one student (Claudio Haertel) experimented with steam bending oak to make a garden lounger .

Several pupils (Tibor Behnisch, Harry Donnelly, Riccardo Stietz),  used a mixture of flexible manufactured boards eg flexi ply, aero ply and hard wood veneers all glued and laminated together whilst being pressed over moulds in a 'bag press' to create the curved pieces of furniture on show. Jack Bridger-Stille, Josh Farr, Michael Kwan and Rosannah Morel) who used stainless steel and mild steel tubes and the MIG welder to create their products.

We also had Carrie Ann, who used Polyester Resin to cast her jewellery and Ciara Glossop and Sophie Hastings who used a Kiln to slump molten glass to create their dichroic glass and glass cake stand respectively.

Well done to Katherine Hawley for winning the Robin Day Furniture Design Award (piano stool), to Gabrielle Bertini for winning the AS prize (computer desk), Rosannah Morel for the A2 prize (tree bench) and Jake Bentley for the GCSE prize (small illuminated glass topped display table).

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