Tycoon in Schools

Posted: 5th November 2015

Three teams from Mount Kelly have been awarded financial backing from the business entrepreneur Peter Jones as part of the ‘Tycoon in Schools’ programme. Each group wrote a business plan, applying for funding from the programme and were duly awarded the finance they applied for.  The three teams comprise of:

Kelly Cakes headed up by Chris Tanner, William Martin and Edward Cull:
“We will be making cakes, cookies and shortbread. These cakes will be made for sale at school and other events within the local area. The cakes will be mainly cupcakes, which will be made and sold by the team.”

Marco Brothers headed up by Marco Wong, Marco Yuen and Tony Gu:
“We will buy cup noodles from HK and transport it to England, and sell our cup noodles to the people in our school and people in Tavistock.”

True Smoothies headed up by Ryan Gunther-Leece, Jacob Walker, Nicholas Buckeridge-Hobbs, Benjamin Sealey and William Higgins:
“We will be making smoothies.  Smoothies will be made and sold at a shop that has given us permission to use its property and other events within the local area. Smoothies will mainly be fruit based, and sold by the team.”

Best of luck to all teams involved!

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