Year 5 Code Breakers

Posted: 20th November 2015

All the Mount Kelly Year 5 pupils, supported by a selection of pupils from Year 8, participated in a Mathematics event at the College on Thursday 19th November.  The aim of the morning session was to involve the children in a series of challenging practical mathematical activities with a theme of 'Code breaking'.

The children were invited to solve a range of different problems requiring a variety of skills including lateral and logical thinking, visualisation, algebra, mathematical vocabulary and teamwork. Each completed activity gained the teams a piece of code or ‘Cypher Wheel’ in order to solve a final decryption challenge.

Mrs Buckley and Mr Clark agreed that it was great to see the Year 5's and 8's working so well together. They felt that all the participants should be very proud of their contribution on the day and there were prizes awarded to all. However, the overall winning team were Clara Bowles, Noah Bridle, Artemis Morgan, Quinlan Schroeder and Georgia Burton.

Children's comments, when asked what they had enjoyed the most, included “Helping the Year 5's and seeing all their excitement”, “… talking to the Year 8's”, “It took a lot of careful thinking”, “…working together” and “It was very energetic and we had a great time!”.

Mrs Buckley and Mr Clark were ably supported by Mr Weaver and Miss Morel. Thank you to all who made this such an exciting and worthwhile event.

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