City of Plymouth Festival

Posted: 25th November 2016

Mount Kelly had 70 pupils across the Foundation compete in the Speech & Drama classes at the City of Plymouth Festival from 14-18 November.  In the competitive classes, which included Poetry Speaking, Bible Reading, Speaking in Public and Mime & Acting, pupils were placed in all but two classes that they took part in.

Mount Kelly pupils won 12 Classes, gained 6 second places and achieved 9 third places. Special mention goes to Tom Robinson (Year 3) who gained first place in all the classes he took part in. Flora Germon was awarded the Jimmy Barrett Cup for the highest mark in any over 11 years own choice poetry speaking classes, Elizabeth Bennett was awarded the prestigious Penelope Charteris Trophy for most promising competitor over 12 years (chosen by the adjudicator) and Marcus Coleridge was awarded The Barrett Drama Trophy for the highest mark in a Public Speaking Class.

First Places

Elizabeth Bennett   Humorous Verse (14 & 15 yrs)
Elizabeth Bennett   Solo Acting (12 & under 15 yrs)
Marcus Coleridge   Public Speaking (14 yrs and under) 
Dilly Haffenden  & Olivia Godfrey Duologue Mime
Lottie Nordmann   & Zara Rizk  Duologue Poem (11 to 16 yrs)

Tom Robinson    Set poem (7 yrs)

Tom Robinson     Verse Speaking Own Choice (Under 8 yrs)

Tom Robinson      Humorous Verse (7 yrs and under)

William & Tom Robinson  Duologue Poem (8 & 9yrs)

Tom Robinson  Bible Reading (8yrs and under)

Archie Forgan   Novice (9 & 10 yrs)

Flora Germon    Own Choice Poem (14 and under 18yrs)

Second Places

Dilly Haffenden  & Olivia Godfrey Duologue poem (11 to 16 years)

James Hemsworth             Set Poem (9 years)

Henry Hoskins                     Novice Verse Speaking (under 9 yrs)

Georgiana Ashworth         Novice (9 & 10 yrs)

Ella Sorensen                       Own Choice Poem (11 to 14 yrs)

Indira Falle                           Own Choice Poem (14 and under 18yrs)

Third Places

Marcus Coleridge  & Ella Sorensen Duologue Poem (11 to 16 yrs)

William Robinson   Set Poem (9 yrs)

William Robinson  Verse Speaking Own Choice (8 & 9 yrs)

Josephy Leahy         Novice V erse Speaking (under 9 yrs) 3rd=

James Hambly         Novice Verse Speaking (under 9 yrs) 3rd =

Max Rainsbury        Novice Verse Speaking (under 9 yrs) 3rd =

Lottie Nordmann    Own Choice Verse (10 & 11 yrs)

Jessica Clinton         Own Choice Poem (11 to 14 yrs)

Richard Bennett      Own Choice Poem  (14 and under 18 yrs)


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