Posted: 10th May 2017

King College Taunton 2017 was the first athletics tournament of the season involving 12 schools from across the South West. Our pupils competed in 40 events and scooped up 4 Bronze, 4 silver and an impressive 10 Gold medals.

 Competitors from Years 4-8 gave their all in every discipline whilst competing for Mount Kelly. Our pupils competed in 40 events with the Senior boys doing particularly well, winning the Relay by some 40m:


 Joe Wheeldon                                    Open Boys 75m Hurdles
Sandor Apponyi                                  Open Boys Triple Jump
Noah Bridle                                         U12 Boys 150m
Noah Bridle                                         U12 Boys 80m


 Hannah Gellatly                                 Open Girls Shot Putt
Thomas Birchell                                  Open Boys Discus
James Lamb                                        Open Boys 800m
Sophie Main                                        Open Girls 800m


Thomas Birchell                                 Open Boys High Jump
Ben Pitts                                              Open Boys Long Jump
Joe Wheeldon                                     Open Boys Ball Throw
Jed Hutchings                                      U12 Boys 600m
Sandor Apponyi                                   Open Boys 300m
Ben Pitts                                              Open Boys 100m
Hannah Gellatly                                  Open Girls 100m
Ben Pitts                                              Open Boys 200m
Jamie Bulbring                                     pen Girls 200m
Pitts, Apponyi,
Wheeldon, Birchell                             Open Boys 4 x 100m Cup Winners

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