Ramadan and Eid

Posted: 19th May 2017

Thank you to one of our Pre-Prep mums, Rabia, who visited us recently to tell us all about the Festival of Ramadan and how Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. She told us that Muslims go to a mosque to pray and during Ramadan they are helpful, good, kind and pray.

In the evening they eat a meal starting with a date and some water before beginning their fast which lasts for 30 days. When the month is over Muslims celebrate Eid with special celebrations, lights, good food and flowers. Friends and family come over to celebrate for three whole days!

In Pakistan, children are given a present of money in an envelope from every adult in the home. Rabia also told us about special dresses and outfits they wear. We also leant how to say Eid Mubarak which means celebrate Eid. Finally, Rabia read us a story about Curious George celebrating Ramadan.


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