South West Relay Championships

Posted: 19th September 2017

Mount Kelly swimmers excelled in the South West Relay Championships on Sunday 17 September, giving their best ever performance at these championships. Out of 24 races, our swimmers gained medals in an incredible 22 races, scooping 75% of the Gold medals available at the event!

Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part.  Here is the list of Gold Medal winners:


16+ Medley:    Alexander Mason, Oliver Taverner, Sam Dailley, Federico Burdisso

16+ Freestyle: Federico Burdisso, Harry Turner, Sam Dailley, Harry Noble

14/15 Medley: Linus Launhardt, Sandor Apponyi, Joseph Russell, Benji Gillingham

14/15 Freestyle: Benji Gillingham, Max George, Joseph Russell, Sandor Apponyi

12/13 Medley: Peter Ray, George Goodfellow, Alp Toku, Jamie O'Connor

12/13 Medley: Alp Toku, George Goodfellow, Tymofii Chemeryk, Jamie O'Connor


16+ Medley: Harry Turner, Morgan Penney, Federico Burdisso, Emily Haimes

16+ Freestyle: Federico Burdisso, Harry Turner, Athena Clayson, Emily Haimes

14/15 Medley: Maxwell George, Sandor Apponyi, Kaylee Dekker, Georgina Dennis

14/15 Freestyle: Benjamin Gillingham, Joseph Russell, Kaylee Dekker, Georgina Dennis

12/13 Medley: Isabella Hodges, George Goodfellow, Caitlyn Fry, Alp Toku

12/13 Freestyle: Alp Toku, George Goodfellow, Isabella Hodges, Angel-Skye Davenport

10/11 Medley: James Wheatley, Isis Van Der Stroom, Fiona Murphy, Jolyon Petty

10/11 Freestyle: James Wheatley, Jolyon Petty, Fiona Murphy, Louise Murphy


16+ Medley: Athena Clayson, Morgan Penney, Martyna Ruszkowska, Emily Haimes

16+ Freestyle: Athena Clayson, Holly Taylor, Emily Haimes, Lauren Hession

14/15 Medley: Jade Blake, Louise Edmunds, Kaylee Dekker, Georgina Dennis

14/15 Freestyle: Kaylee Dekker, Georgina Dennis, Scarlett Orchard, Jade Blake

12/13 Freestyle: Isabella Hodges, Angel-Skye Davenport, Caitlyn Fry, Ysabella Baird

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