Natural World Photography Competition

Posted: 25th May 2018

The winners of the inaugural Natural World Photography competition at the Prep were announced in Assembly this morning.  All of the entries were of a very high standard, and have been on display in the Front Hall. They were judged anonymously by Mr Savage, Miss Tribe and Mr Lowe, and the winners will each receive a ticket to Dartmoor Zoo.

Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pre-Prep Winner: Flora – ‘Photo of a dog’

Highly Commended: Bea – ‘Unicorn’ and Tiegan – ‘Lambs’

Lower Prep Winner: Imogen – ‘Waterfall’

Highly Commended: Henry – ‘Pig on a fence’ and Barnaby 

Middle Prep Winner: Olivia – ‘Shadows on a garden’

Highly Commended: Louisa – ‘Primose’, Eleanor and William

Upper Prep Winner: Eiger – ‘Ice Cave’

Highly Commended: James, Javier and Anna

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