Fire Safety Week

Posted: 12th October 2018

This week was Fire Safety Week in the Pre-Prep.

Nursery pupils went for a hunt around the Pre-Prep looking at all of the things that keep us safe. They made a list and used it to make a Fire Safety poster; to remind everyone what to do in case of a fire and, more importantly, how to prevent burns and fires. The children looked closely at the colours within and the shape of fire, using paints and glitter to create fire pictures. They worked on their cutting and sticking skills when they created bonfire pictures to take home.

Reception class went on a fire exit and fire extinguisher hunt. Pupils made shape fire engines and practised how to ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’.

In Year 1, pupils focussed on making fire trucks in art and making a fire safety poster for the younger children, explaining the importance of being safe and what to do if there is a fire in their house. 

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