Pupils Help to Maintain Olga

Posted: 17th January 2020

Having adopted Olga, Mount Kelly pupils are already making a contribution to her maintenance and upkeep. She came out of the water in mid-December, and over the Christmas holiday two pupils spent time rubbing her down, ready for her to be re-painted.

We have also taken delivery of Olga's jolly-boat – a small, clinker-built wooden skiff – and Mr Collard is leading a team of pupils in her restoration. She is currently upside-down in a Fives court, while years of old paint and varnish are being stripped away. Once the restoration is complete, she will go on display in the Library, before she is returned to take her rightful place on Olga's foredeck.

This is the first of a number of projects which will give our pupils hands-on experience in boat restoration and maintenance, and which will help to keep Olga at the heart of the Mount Kelly community.


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