Pupils Begin HPQ

Posted: 12th May 2020

What's the difference between animal and human rights? 
How does fast fashion impact the environment? 
How will the Coronavirus crisis affect future travel? 
Will taking an isotonic drink for hydration improve performance? 
These are just some of the ideas from our Year 10 pupils who have started working on their Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) during remote afternoon lessons.
The HPQ is an official qualification from AQA which allows each pupil to investigate an area of interest and produce a presentation, essay and a journal describing their journey from an idea to a completed detailed report. Some pupils are even considering producing pieces or art, composing music or writing a play. 
This week, pupils have been learning about constructing a hypothesis and the importance of research. Their task was to investigate their own family tree, and one pupil successfully traced their ancestry back over 300 years through primary and secondary research. 
Further online lessons will include internet search skills, constructing a bibliography,  project management and skills for the modern work environment. With 78 pupils enrolled on the course it is proving to be a very popular part of the Mount Kelly remote curriculum.
Report by Mr. Chris Prettejohn, Geography and Business Studies Teacher
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