Head Master’s Round Table

Posted: 9th October 2020

Thursday 8 October saw the first round of the Head Master’s Round Table which aims to discuss a wide range of topics in the interest of furthering pupils’ knowledge. A ferocious debate reigned between six Sixth Form Humanities pupils over the thesis that a post-Cold War society would fight over cultural differences between major civilisations instead of between countries. We found that The Clash of Civilisations, presented by Samuel Huntington in 1993, is still controversial today.

Debate first directed towards establishing what makes a civilisation? For the next hour, a range of ethical, historical and geographical arguments were put forward and batted between the group. Over time two clear sides began to emerge. Notable contributions were made by Adam, focusing on differences between western – mainly American – civilisation and Chinese or Islamic civilisations, and by George presenting the idea that many other factors – such as economic – contribute to conflict. Lucy led the conversation to a more human rights centred approach, maintaining that these applied across civilisations. Mr Dixon provided a stalwart and at times frustrating defence for Huntington throughout the night.

Report by Jamie, Year 12

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