Ambitious Renewable Heat Project

Posted: 10th December 2020

Mount Kelly and Tamar Energy Community are excited to announce an ambitious renewable heat project to assess the potential for a carbon neutral district heating system for the School’s 60 plus buildings across their 100 acre site.

This project will provide a fantastic opportunity for pupils, and the local community, to learn about harnessing fossil free energy and the complexities involved in undertaking a feasibility study of this nature. It is part of the School’s vision to reduce its carbon footprint.

Heating buildings accounts for 17% of the UK’s carbon footprint – more than construction or air travel – with most heated by gas, a fossil fuel. Buildings here are less thermally efficient than in much of Europe. This project aims to make a difference locally and show the role renewable heat can play in keeping us warm without adding to climate change.

To try and make a difference locally, Tamar Energy Community and Mount Kelly along with Carbon Alternatives and Wattcraft (technical consultants) have formed a project team to conduct a feasibility study to assess how a carbon neutral district heating system can be achieved on the Mount Kelly site. At this early stage various options and technologies are being considered and the benefits to the local environment and economy will all be considered in developing the plan.

Both Mount Kelly, one of Tavistock’s biggest employers, and Tamar Energy Community, who develop community-owned renewable energy projects are optimistic that the results of the study will be used as an exemplar to show how district renewable heating projects can be achieved in other settings in Devon and beyond. Both parties are committed to engaging with the wider community to gauge their reactions, ideas and encourage their support.

An online community briefing will be held on Tuesday 15 December at 6:30pm and all are encouraged to attend as well a complete a survey to gather views, and ideas.

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