Extended Project Qualification

Posted: 3rd February 2021

Amidst the novelty of Microsoft Teams lessons and remote learning, the Year 12 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) continues as usual.

This year sixteen pupils have opted to research a range of topics extending from obstacles to development in Africa to the impact of the minimum wage, and from the significance of stress for athletes to the value of historians from the classical world.

Every EPQ requires considerable research, but they do not all lead to a dissertation. Some pupils are producing an ‘artefact’, for example producing a set of illustrations for Orwell’s Animal Farm or creating some performance art to explore existentialism.

The pupils will all give a 10 minute presentation on their project, reviewing their experience and research journey as well as revealing their conclusions. Every project will be marked and graded and the result is counted as an AS or half A Level for UCAS purposes. They have a busy two months ahead of them and these enthusiastic pupils are to be congratulated for taking on the challenge.

Article by James Dixon, Deputy Head (Academic)

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