Victorian Globe Lamp Restoration

Posted: 14th May 2021

We are thrilled that after many weeks of painstaking restoration the Victorian globe lamp, which has hung in the porchway of the Prep, is back in its rightful place.

After decades of exposure to the extremes of the West Devon climate, it was in a sorry state, but thanks to the skill and patience of Mr Andy Westlake, the Design Technician at the College, its future is assured.

Former pupils of Mount House have already been in touch to tell us what an iconic part of their childhoods it was, and how pleased they are that it has been restored to its former glory, and we are delighted to see its warm glow filling the porch once again.  In this photograph of the front of Tavy House, decked out in celebration of Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in 1897, the lamp is clearly visible.

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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