Volunteering in the Community

Posted: 3rd February 2022

Several of our older pupils have been spending their service afternoons working in charity shops in Tavistock. Maya and Marlene have worked at St Luke’s Hospice shop, Anton at Oxfam Bookshop, and Sahel at Children’s Hospice South West. Some of our pupils are also volunteering at the weekends: look out for Kira and Samir in Oxfam, and Diya and Katie in St Luke’s.

We are very grateful to the store managers for offering our pupils these opportunities and experience.

I have worked at St Luke‘s with Marlene for about five months. We’ve been sorting out new clothes and other stuff as well as labelling and hanging them up. Sometimes we also help with packing up or answering customers’ questions. The most fun I have had was decorating shelves with new arrivals. It was really interesting to learn how to combine different items together so they would look good, and people would buy them. Also, Marlene and I were able to bring in our own ideas which made it more exciting. But without the staff being so incredibly helpful, patient, and nice the whole experience wouldn’t have been as good as it was.
Maya – Year 11 – volunteer at St. Luke’s charity shop

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