Bishop’s Stortford Literature Festival

Posted: 4th February 2022

Mount Kelly has signed up for access to a full programme of exciting and interactive author webinars as part of the Bishop’s Stortford Literature Festival which is running from Monday 31 January until Friday 11 February.

This week, Lower Prep pupils joined author and poet, Alex Wharton, to hear all about his book Daydreams and Jelly Beans whilst the Middle Prep has explored Alice and Emily Hawarth-Booth’s Protest!: How people have come together to change the world, creating their own posters on issues that matter to them in response.

Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed Phil Earle’s discussion on how he became an author and his reading of When the Sky Falls, a book about the Blitz, an angry boy, a gruff woman and a gorilla!

In the Pre-Prep, the children engaged with Catherine Emmet and David Tazzyman’s book The Pet, whilst at the other end of the school, Years 11 -13 are accessing global best-selling writer, Lisa Jewell’s webinar on The Night She Disappeared, her writing style and inspiration.

Next week the Upper Prep will join Robert Muchamore, author of the fantastic Cherub series, A.M Dassu, author of Boy Everywhere, and BAFTA-winning producer/presenter and author, David Olusoga will be discussing his acclaimed book: Black and British- A short, essential history. 

Watch the webinars here.

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