World Book Day 2022

Posted: 4th March 2022

A range of exciting activities took place in the both the lead up to, and on, World Book Day at Mount Kelly:

Reading Rivers

Reading Rivers formed a large part of our celebrations during the week. These are essentially a visual representation of our reading habits: what we read, when we read, why we read, where we enjoy reading. Pupils were asked to bring in images of their favourite childhood books, pictures of them reading, and resonant quotes and extracts in order to join in the fun and enter the competition!

Pop Up Book Shop

Tavistock’s Book Stop set up a pop up shop for pupils at the Prep on Thursday and the College on Friday, where pupils could purchase from a wide range of stock or pre-order some exciting new releases in the pipeline.

Book Swap

During the week, pupils took part in a book swap, bringing in titles to exchange with their peers.

Themed Lunch

Our wonderful catering team put on a delicious book-themed lunch with dishes including Princess Lost Her Pea soup, Roasted Snozzcumber sausages, Quidditch Cottage pie and Billionaire Boy’s shortbread.

More photographs can be found on Facebook:

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