Freeze It!

Posted: 17th March 2022

During Science week Year 2 pupils have been delighted to find out more about the states of matter via the IPC topic Freeze it!

The week began with the children pretending to be molecules, either zooming around as gas molecules, acting as water contained in a huge chalk bottle or standing as still as an ice cube. They started to see this in action when each of the class was given an ice baby to observe. One priceless question from a pupil was, “Why do ice babies get smaller when all other babies get bigger?

A real highlight of the week was their Science Week trip to Princetown. A very excited group of Year 2s carefully weighed their chosen ice cream ingredients before leaving. On arrival at the Dartmoor Ice Cream Company, they were treated to a live experiment which showed the different freezing temperatures of water, raspberry sauce, fresh raspberries and ice cream. They also admired the beautiful artwork done for the labelling and finally got to create their own limited-edition tub of ice cream to bring back to school and eat!

The children also enjoyed a visit to the Princetown Visitor Centre and ate their packed lunches at the Fox Tor Café. Huge thanks to all the lovely people who helped to engage the children and give them such a super day out.

It was a joy to watch them tucking into their very own ice cream. The fun continued for the rest of the week with a chance to identify the mystery substances and making their own ice lollies with specially designed labels. We wish it could be Science Week every week!

Article by Claire Prettejohn, Year 2 Teacher

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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