Science Week in the Pre-Prep

Posted: 18th March 2022

This week was National Science week in the Pre-Prep and our Kingfishers and Herons have undertaken lots of science experiments with great gusto!

Year 1 pupils created their own germs and then researched the best ways to get rid of the monstrous creatures. They investigated the importance of clean hands and why we do not eat food that has dropped on the floor for more than 5 seconds with their bread enquiry. When baking, they discussed how the molecules in gas, liquid and solid differ and then researched the planets of the solar system whilst decorating the cakes.

The children listened to the story of Humpty Dumpty and decided upon a fair test to find out how they could keep their fresh eggs safe when they were dropped from the fort in the playground. They finished the week by planting summer bulbs and conducting a study of plants and their needs.

Meanwhile, in Reception the children have been very excited about the hatching of their chicks!

They also researched the decomposition of food, comparing germs growing on bread that they had all touched to clean bread. They also had fun with magnets, made light bulbs light up by connecting a circuit and saw transpiration in action in their pale daffodils.

The highlight of the week was their farm visit to the Champions. At the farm they met Princess the pig who can sit and give her ‘paw’ for her food! They also met the horses, ram lambs and llamas. It was a splendid day out.

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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