Smart Building Challenge

Posted: 13th December 2022

On Monday 12 December, Year 9 pupils took part in the Smart Building Challenge STEM Day run by the Smallpeice Trust.

Pupils worked in groups to build a complex working rainwater collection, filtration, and containment tank with an automatic electronic water pump, to pump water around a new-build, smart home. The challenge involved pupils applying knowledge from all STEM subjects (Science, Design Technology, Engineering, English and Maths), and they each took on different roles in project management, marketing, finance, design and construction, culminating in practical group presentations.

Pupils also listened to three young graduate engineers talk about careers in South West Water and how the company treats, contains and conserves water in harmony with the natural environment.

Congratulations to all teams for designing and making some fantastic working prototypes and for excellent, well-rehearsed presentations. We are very grateful to South West Water and the Pennon Group, who sponsored this year’s challenge.

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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