Ten Tors and DofE Training

Posted: 27th January 2023

Last weekend 54 Mount Kelly pupils headed out on to the moor as part of their Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors training programmes.

The Ten Tors teams were on their own for the first time, being shadowed by staff from a distance, and so had to focus much harder on their navigation. Some interesting decisions early on proved that concentration and precision is required in order to navigate the moors successfully, but this lesson was heeded as the day progressed and all teams had a successful expedition.

The DofE teams enjoyed a more relaxed walk around the Burrator reservoir area where they focused on the basics of ground to map orientation, bearings, pacing and hand railing.

It was a super day out with the sun making a welcome appearance after all the rain of the past few weeks.

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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