Pre-Prep Science Week

Posted: 17th March 2023

It is British Science Week and our Kingfishers and Herons have been busy investigating all things scientific.  Reception class has had fun experimenting with magnets, made ‘plastic’ decorations from milk and vinegar, discovered about the organs in our bodies, made a volcano and seen what cola and vinegar do to dirty coins.

Year 1 pupils visited the Prep Science Lab and spent the afternoon performing chemical magic with Mr Buckley and some Year 8 pupils. They turned blue ink clear using distillation, explored the workings of a Bunsen burner and set up a desalination experiment to see if they could use the power of the sun to turn salty water into pure water.

Year 2 pupils looked at states of matter as part of the IPC topic Freeze it! They have pretended to be molecules and observed ‘ice babies’, however the highlight of the week was a trip to Princetown and the Dartmoor Ice Cream Company, where they were treated to live experiments and created their own limited-edition tubs of ice cream! They were also very excited to be invited to the Chemistry lab at the College where they carried out experiments involving chemical reactions.

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