Biomedical Society at Plymouth University

Posted: 29th November 2023

Science class

Last Friday, the Biomedical Society had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the University of Plymouth’s biomedical science department.

On arrival, we were given a presentation on the variety of courses within the subject area and the different routes that can be pursued. University students then shared their perspective on life studying at the University of Plymouth and our pupils asked lots of questions.

Following that, we went into a research laboratory and saw macrophages under a microscope and learnt about how the immune system reacts to inflammation. We then moved on to a larger teaching laboratory where we conducted an experiment that allowed us to observe the various stages of mitosis in a root under a microscope. Finally, the haematology professor showed how different diseases and cancers can be diagnosed using microscopes and imaging.

Our pupils had their individual questions answered by experts in their field and the Biomedical Society departed after an insightful and rewarding day. We were struck by how approachable, fun and engaging the senior lecturers were. Overall, an incredible experience and we look forward to more trips in the future!

Article written by Ruby, Year 12

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