Biomedical Society Talk

Posted: 3rd May 2024

On Monday, the Biomedical Society welcomed Dr Helen Anderson, an Anaesthetist, to give a talk about her career and specialty of exercise testing.

Dr Anderson gave a fascinating and thorough talk about all aspects of her profession however, the exercise testing facet stood out particularly as a new concept to the majority of us. We learnt that through exercise testing more people have undergone surgeries as it gives a way to deem fitness that could not be perceived by the naked eye.

Throughout the talk, Dr Anderson emphasised that everything we are learning now is applicable and relevant to us later in life, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it!

In addition to this important message, Dr Anderson also very kindly gave us a book she has co-written on exercise testing which we are all very excited to read and further expand our knowledge on the subject. We would all like to thank Dr Anderson for taking the time to come in and deliver such an educational talk!

Article by Esmee, Year 12

Categories: Academic