The Mount Kelly Prep Green Manifesto

Posted: 5th July 2024

Mount Kelly is passionate about protecting its environment and working with its local community.

Hot off the (climate warming) back of winning a Highly Commended accolade from the ‘Primary Awards for Green Education in Schools’ our Prep Eco Committee has taken their actions a stage further.

Working with Thomas Franks, our school caterers, the Eco Committee explored what would have the most positive impact on the environment, school and wider ecosystem. Their ideas ranged from changing packed lunches, to setting up a gardening club and purchasing more local food and the end result is a four-point manifesto.

As a result, our environmentally conscious pupils have committed to making a positive difference with the following actions:

  1. Evolving an Eco Impact Group – to include the right staff and community stakeholders to support the pupils in meeting regularly and driving forwards environmental initiatives at Mount Kelly.
  2. Revolutionising packed lunches – working with Thomas Franks to remove all single use plastic. Where possible, introduce pre-ordering to reduce waste and give pupils a popular variety of choice.
  3. Grow the Gardening Club – organise a group to plant, grow and care for vegetables and fruit whilst doing their utmost to compost any waste from the kitchens.
  4. Support Biodiversity – identify an area of the school to promote nature, insects and pollinators. The planting of a fruit orchard and area for rewilding would be the first step.

Dominic Floyd, Head of Prep at Mount Kelly said, “This is very exciting news for the school. The enthusiasm of our Eco Committee is building momentum and reaching out across the entire school. Our bee hives are thriving and the pupils are looking forward to working on more green activity over the coming terms.”

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