A Safe Return to Mount Kelly

BSA Covid-Safe Charter

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As always, the health and wellbeing of the School community remains our absolute priority. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, however, proportionality and common sense remain our watchwords, and we will always be on the front foot, committed to delivering excellence in all aspects of our programme and seeking to minimise disruption to your children’s experience of a Mount Kelly education.

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All members of our community are receiving regular email updates from the Head Master as the situation changes, and we would like to thank all our pupils, staff and parents for their continued support and understanding.

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One of Mount Kelly’s core values is Courage. We strive to act with courage, determination, resilience and grit in the face of both opportunity and challenge and always seek to learn through life’s journey. Our courage is certainly being put to the test, but I am filled with admiration for our community’s determination and cheerfulness in the face of these challenges, which we will overcome.

Mr Guy Ayling, Head Master


Safeguarding Addendum