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Bursary Policy

Scholarships are awarded to pupils whom we wish to attract to the school because of the contribution that they are able to make to school life, be that academic, musical, sporting, or creative.

  • Scholarships are competitive on entry and based on merit.
  • All Scholarships include any non-discretionary award.
  • A Scholarship is tenable during the whole of a pupil’s time at Mount Kelly. A scholarship maybe forfeited because of unsatisfactory progress or conduct. In addition there is an expectation that the pupil awarded the scholarship will participate in that subject/area throughout their duration at the College.
  • Means tested bursaries are available to help current pupils who have experienced an adverse change in circumstance and new pupils who have been awarded a scholarship and would not otherwise be able to afford to attend the School.
  • All awards are confidential between the parents and the School. We expect your utmost discretion in this matter, failure to comply with this will put your award at risk.
  • All our awards will be reviewed annually.