Category: Music

Music Composition Workshop

26th January 2022

Year 8 pupils participate in music composition workshop run by University of Plymouth

Informal Concerts

19th November 2021

Musicians from Year 2 to 13 take part in two informal concerts this week

Chamber Choir at Royal Albert Hall

10th November 2021

Mount Kelly Chamber Choir performs at Royal Albert Hall

House Music Competition

18th October 2021

The standard was high at the return of the ever-popular House Music Competition

New Music Scheme

15th October 2021

Pupils in Years 2 and 4 learn to use pBuzzes, pBones and pCornets

Virtual Band Gig

11th October 2021

A cinematic extravaganza featuring 17 bands and 120 pupils

Music Staff and Scholars Concert

15th September 2021

Our first live concert in 18 months takes place

Informal Concerts Begin Again

30th April 2021

Pupils and staff enjoy concerts in the Chapel and at the Prep

Keep Going with the Mount Kelly Prep Band

12th February 2021

Mount Kelly Prep Band and Miss Hansford compose original song to motivate peers

Online Music Lessons and Exams

22nd January 2021

Teachers ensure this vital element of pupils’ education is not put on hold.