Courtenay House

Courtenay was built as part of the original plans for Kelly College in 1890 and mimics much of the grandiose style of the College. Today it houses  boys in Years 9-13.

On the back of one of the doors in Courtenay the word 'respect' is written in every language that has been spoken in the House and this word underpins our ethos. We are proud of our family atmosphere incorporating praise, fun and the occasional reprimand, the boys are expected to be fair in their dealings with one another and those outside the house.

The unique character of the House is created by a great mixture of both old and new traditions. One of the oldest being the responsibility of the Head of House who keeps a record of all events in the ‘Nigel Reed Courtenay House Book’ and always has a walking stick in official photos!

Regular activities include 'learning to cook' nights, House speeches, cake night, book club, Friday night football, summer BBQs, matron’s soup on cold winter days and one of my favourites, whole house hide and seek.

One aspect that always strikes me about the Courtenay boys is the pride, character, responsibility and sense of fun that readily permeates throughout everything they do. The Sixth Form is an important time for pupils, both educationally and socially. Key decisions are made that will direct their journey after school and beyond in to the future. Academic focus is obviously a priority and exam success the goal but we also support the boys to meet the challenges provided by the Extra-Curricular Programme at the College such as the Ten Tors Challenges and the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race. By this stage many of our swimmers are training and competing to a high level and we are fully committed to supporting them in every way that we can.

I am lucky to be supported by a fantastic House team including Matron, and Resident Assistant, Mr Dejonwo, a great team of tutors and the Housekeeping team.

Mr Adam Sandford

Mr Adam Sandford

Courtenay Housemaster, Assistant Head - Digital Learning, Data & Assessment, (Physics)