Before and After School Care

We understand the time pressures of busy family lives and do everything we can to accommodate different family schedules.  Our before and after school care is fully integrated into the school day and allows for flexible drop off and pick-up times.   The children are well supervised throughout and kept busy with meals, fun activities and/or prep which they can enjoy with their friends.

Breakfast Club (from 07:30 for all year-groups)


£3.35 (includes breakfast)

Pre-Prep after school care (from 15:30-18:00)


£4.30 per hour (includes tea)

Please note - If a child in the Pre-Prep has a sibling in the Prep, there will be no charge if they are collected by 16.30.


After School Care for Years 3-8



£1.60 per 1/4 hour (excluding tea)

Tea for Years 3-8 (at 17:30)