Houses (Virtual)

The school has four Virtual Houses: Brunel, Fry, Hepworth and Scott and are named after inspirational, historical people. Virtual Houses are different to Boarding Houses.

Two Year 8 and two Year 13 pupils are selected as House Captains and help lead the House with a team of passionate and partisan staff. 

We ensure that Houses are balanced in terms of sporting, musical and academic ability. It is our intention, that everyone supports one another within each House and forms another pastoral filter for the children.


We believe strongly in healthy competition and the sense of belonging. Every child is allocated a House when they join the school at the Harry Potter style 'Sorting Ceremony' at the beginning of the school year. This is a wonderful occasion where each new pupil is welcomed into their chosen House with open arms.

House Points are won by pupils throughout the term for academic progress and effort, good citizenship and House assemblies. Competitions ranging from Sports Day and core sports, Scrabble, Chess, debating, the General Knowledge Quiz and the Swimming Gala also contribute points to the House Cup which is awarded at the end of each term. The winning House celebrates their victory with the fine and very much coveted House Feast!


Pupils moving up to the College from the Prep remain in the same Houses, and new pupils are allocated to a House on their arrival.

The House system gives the older pupils an opportunity for leadership and organisation, as team selection and preparation is very much left up to the two House Captains in each House. The Houses compete in all the major sports, as well as in music, singing, general knowledge - and even the annual CCF Stretcher Race - and this does much to bring the community together, as pupils from across the year groups work and compete together. Our programme of inter-house competition is closely contested. As at the Prep, a points system is used to enable us to identify the top House each year.

House Colours

Brunel – Red
Fry – Blue
Hepworth – Yellow
Scott – Green

Who are the Houses named after?