A Level Economics (Business)

Our aim is to encourage each pupil to nurture his or her business and enterprise skills, whilst appreciating the dynamic environment within which firms operate.

Economics and Business Studies courses will prepare pupils for either future career opportunities in the world of business or to study the subject at a higher level. The subject complements subjects such as Geography or History. It will encourage pupils to engage with the world of business and indeed with modern society generally, and they will also become an effective and independent learner. Each course enables the pupil to take a critical approach to business problems and make informed judgements based on the evidence given, combining both theoretical knowledge and skills with an appreciation of contemporary issues, and thus enabling pupils to appreciate the views of all stakeholder groups affected in business decisions.

GCSE Business Studies is not a precursor requirement for A Level.  Sixth form pupils have the opportunity to study a combined A Level Economics & Business course offered by Edexcel (Economics B) which comprises the following modules:

  • Theme 1 – Markets, customers and firms
  • Theme 2 – The UK wider economic environment
  • Theme 3 – The global economy
  • Theme 4 – Making markets work

Pupils have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities including the ICAEW BASE Competition, Tycoon in Schools, and various university-led events, along with trips to a range of business organisations to support the course such as the Morrisons RDC in Bridgwater.