A Level Photography

This exciting course offers diverse opportunities for lens-based work. The emphasis is on creative thinking and the exploration of a wide range of photographic approaches, including traditional techniques, digital media, film, animation and art based installations.

The A Level Photography curriculum provides pupils with an exciting range of creative experiences; the opportunity to learn about cameras, camera techniques, studio lighting and computer manipulation.

We research and learn about past masters of photography and work with current, contemporary photographers and filmmakers, inspiring pupils with their new discoveries. Pupils develop the technical skills and understanding required for effective image making in the 21st Century.

As if at university, pupils are provided with their own creative studio, where they are encouraged to work independently, during study periods and during evening open studio sessions. A well-equipped Art Library, ICT Suite, Lighting Studio and larger Art studios are also available.

Pupils are self-motivated and enthusiastic, with a desire to learn and progress. This course develops a thoughtful and inquisitive approach, which enables the development of highly original, personal responses. Creative abilities and imagination are channeled into a personal body of work.

During the course pupils produce a contextual study in the form of an essay, based on a photographer or filmmaker of their choice, demonstrating knowledge and understanding of their intentions, their work and the more complex issues involved.

The most important qualities developed are curiosity, creativity and commitment. The course provides an excellent foundation for a career or further study in many creative industries and pupils are able to present themselves as lateral thinkers, risk takers, someone who craves new ideas and creative problem solvers.