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Prep Radio

Pupils at the Prep have been working hard on the new Mount Kelly Radio project.

There are three Series; '20 Questions', 'University Challenge' and 'Extraordinary Stories'. Our roving radio journalists have prepared questions, contacted all the guests, recorded the audio and edited the files.

Enjoy listening to the full portfolio of interviews below.

If you are interested in joining Radio Club please contact Mr Floyd.

Theme music credit: Tom Howe

Philip Reeve
University Challenge Series
Joey Goldman

Bobby Seagull

20 Questions Series
Nev Fountain
The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton
Dr Andrew Wines

Bridge Farm Primary School
Geoffrey Cox
Lord Tyler
Lord Owen
Ben Bradshaw MP
Phil De Glanville

Tom Howe

Theme music credit: Tom Howe

Dr Bendor Grosvenor

Fiona Lloyd

Extraordinary Stories - Pen Hadow