Year 5 Fossil Hunting – and Fundraising!

Posted: 20th October 2016

High tides and super moons provided Year 5 with an amazing beach full of rich fossil pickings on their Geography trip to Charmouth this year. Pupils found fossilised scallop shells, Devil's toenails, crinoids and ammonites along with the usual bagful of belemnites. The coastal processes element of their fieldtrip had them using spirit levels and rulers to measure the beach profile and consider the change in size of sand, stone and pebbles at each stage. Field sketches of Lyme Bay and pocket money spent in the shop finished off an excellent day.

Following their Coastal fieldwork, Year 5 then helped organise and run a 'Fossil and Rock Cake Sale' in order to raise funds for a small Zambian school which is attended by a number of children from St Anthony's Orphanage. Mr Mark Taiylour, a member of staff at Mount Kelly, will be travelling to Afican this half term with IT equipment for Buyatanshi Community School in Ndola, as well as disposable nappies for the orphanage, baby’s blankets, cuddly toys, and a cash donation. In addition, he is taking out reading glasses for the elderly in a bush village called Fisenge, and paracetamol tablets to help alleviate the effects of malaria for those attending the children’s clinic.

Every penny of donations received from the Fossil Sale will go directly to children in Buyantanshi Community School and to the Orphanage. The Fossil Sale raised an impressive £125.87 for the children in Zambia

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