Wider World Lecture and Pupil Workshops

Posted: 26th January 2018

It was standing room only in the Wortham Hall last night for the first of this term’s Wider World Lectures.

The Heavy Metal Marine Biologist and television presenter, the Blowfish, gave a passionate and immensely thought-provoking lecture on Marine Conservation: The Plastic Tsunami. The lecture addressed the key issues facing our oceans today, including climate change and deep sea mining, but in particular the dangers of single-use plastics. The Blowfish explained how millions of tonnes of plastic straws, bottles, and packaging are dumped into our seas, killing millions of fish and other marine life, and how tiny particles of plastic are now appearing in our food chain through the fish that we eat.

Pupils in Years 6-8, and in Year 9 at the College, also attended afternoon workshops, during which The Blowfish entertained pupils with his unique take on marine life, discussing some of the more sinister and amusing features of creatures that inhabit the sea, including jellyfish, sharks and clown fish.

For more information, please visit www.theblowfish.co.uk

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