Year 6 Plays

Posted: 20th March 2018

Murder, Mayhem and Malice were promised us at the Year 6 evening of poetry and drama {on March 16th 2018 } – and that is what we got! Three superb separate scenes were presented to us by the three classes, and despite scenes of bloodshed and “murrderr” the audience lapped them up! What a treat to see classic drama and poetry given an original and unique twist by this talented group of pupils. Every child took part, with energy and vivacity. The verse and prose speaking was crisp and polished, and the acting was delightful. Coupled with beautiful yet unfussy costumes, staging and lighting, Mr Floyd (Macbeth, 6H), Mrs Wilson (The Tale of Charlotte Dymond, 6T) and Mr Johnson (The Highwayman, 6B) succeeded in getting the very best from the children, who all seemed to be having a marvellous time despite the gory subject matter!

Play images can be found here – Facebook Photos

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