Challenge Antarctica

Posted: 27th September 2018

We were delighted to welcome explorer, Baz Gray, to Mount Kelly on Friday 21 September. Baz held the audience spell-bound as he recounted his adventures re-creating the extraordinary survival journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton. He and a small team of men travelled across the Antarctic ice using equipment which replicated exactly what the 1916 expedition had at its disposal; from woollen jumpers and basic oil stoves to an exact replica of the small survival vessel, the James Caird. On reaching Elephant Island they set sail in the vessel and navigated 800 miles across the world’s most treacherous and dangerous waters, using just a sextant and compass to plot their course. They made it to land but three of the crew were suffering from trenchfoot so Baz and one other crew member set off on the daunting walk across the mountain range to reach the Whaling Station safely. This is the only expedition that has successfully and fully recreated Shackleton’s extraordinary journey.  

Baz then talked about his next challenge, the first ever solo, unsupported and unassisted crossing of Antarctica, from McMurdo Sound to Berkner Island, a journey of 1,800 miles. It is a journey that sits firmly at the edge of human endurance. 

Our thanks to Baz for an inspirational evening, in which he shared his positive attitude to life and strength of resolve in overcoming challenges.   For more information visit

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