Devon County Championships

Posted: 14th January 2020

The 2020 Devon County Championships got underway on Friday 10 January, with some excellent results from Mount Kelly's swimmers. 10 swimmers took part in the opening distance session with the 800m Freestyle. Our Gold medalists were Kelly (12), Erin (15) and Sophie (16), with Silver for Millie (13), Bella (14) and Emily (16). Erin was top female overall; winning both the Junior and Senior titles.

Day two brought some exceptional early season form from swimmers across all squads and age groups, with everyone demonstrating excellent race skills and technique. Their efforts were rewarded with winning one Senior Champion, four Junior Champions and 35 medals from 77 finalists! Well done to all who competed.

Individual results are as follows:

Senior Champions
100m Freestyle – Erin

Junior Champions
200m Ind. Medley – Riccardo
100m Backstroke – Matt
50m Breaststroke – Jamie
100m Freestyle – Erin

Women’s 200m Ind. Medley
12 Years – Kelly (5th) and Matilda (6th)
13 Years – Esme (4th) and Millie (7th)
14 Years – Hollie (1st), Olivia (2nd), Felicity 4th, Macy (5th) and Giada (6th)
15 Years – Erin (2nd), Holly (5th) and Heidi (6th)
16 Years – Emily (2nd)

Men’s 200m Ind. Medley
12 Years – Alex (1st) and Harry (4th)
13 Years – Charlie (5th)
14 Years – Owain (2nd) and James (5th)
15 Years – Riccardo (1st), Matt (2nd), Arun (3rd) and Magnus (5th)
16 Years – Sam (1st), George (2nd) and Alp (5th)

Women’s 100m Backstroke
12 Years – Matilda (2nd) and Kelly (5th)
13 Years – Millie (2nd)
14 Years – Hollie (2nd) and Isabella (3rd)
15 Years – Heidi (6th) and Holly (7th)
16 Years – Emily (2nd) and Nia (4th)

Men’s 100m Backstroke
12 Years – Alex (2nd) and Harry (3rd)
13 Years – Charlie (4th)
14 Years – Owain (1st), James (4th) and Oliver (5th)
15 Years – Matt (1st), Arun (2nd) and Max (6th)
16 Years – Harry (2nd)
17 Years – Alex (5th) and Zac (7th)

Women’s 50m Breaststroke
10/11 Years – Ellena (6th)
12 Years – Anna (3rd)
13 Years – Esme (2nd) and Louisa (5th)
14 Years – Olivia (2nd), Hollie (3rd) and Giada (4th)
15 Years – Holly (3rd), Bella (4th) and Annabelle (7th)
16 Years – Amelia (1st) and Emily (4th)

Men’s 50m Breaststroke
12 Years – Alex (3rd) and George (5th)
14 Years – Owain (2nd) and Nathaniel (4th)
15 Years – Jamie (1st)
16 Years – Sam (2nd), Harry (5th) and Ben (7th)
17 Years – Louis (8th)

Women’s 100m Freestyle
12 Years – Kelly (4th) and Matilda (5th)
13 Years – Millie (4th), Lottie (6th) and Freya (7th)
14 Years – Hollie (1st) and Bella (5th)
15 Years – Erin (1st)
16 Years – Emily (2nd) and Alex (6th)



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