Shackleton Programme

Posted: 24th May 2021

Over the last few weeks, most of our pupils at the Prep have taken part in a day of activities as part of the Shackleton programme, which is designed to develop and celebrate leadership, practical skills and teamwork.

Pupils in Years 3 to 5 each spent an entertaining day at Nun’s Cross, where they took part in a range of fun activities including archery, team-building games, problem solving and – most important of all – spent time with their friends amongst the wild and windy beauty that is Dartmoor.

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a day at Alder Quarry Lake, learning to canoe and kayak with Simply Outdoors. They also formed teams of six to build rafts out of plastic drums, lengths of timber and rope before racing the length of the lake in their well-constructed vessels!

Pupils in Year 7 participated in teambuilding activities and leadership tasks at Dewerstone. Activities included Leaky pipe, Gutter ball, Code breaking and Sling shot – all designed to encourage pupils to communicate, plan and implement ideas and solve problems together. They also undertook a scrambling challenge, crawling through dark and wet tunnels.

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